We Make Businesses Successful and Impactful. We Solve Tomorrow’s Problems Today

We work with our clients in ways that make sense to them and based on their value propositions.

Our goal is simply to leverage resources to advance strategy.


Community Engagements

We are experts in community engagement and consultations. Hefid Solutions has developed strong relationships and partnerships with hard to reach communities and communities often left out in the community engagement process. We believe the power must rest with the community.


Business Coaching

Business coaching has become a cornerstone for our firm as we give back years of experience to help small businesses thrive and make significant impact. At Hefid Solutions, we see this as our community social responsibility. Helping community members launch successful businesses is dear to our hearts.


Talent Management

Recognizing the crucial link between talent and value, we help clients run organizations that create value and adapt at the speed of business. Talent wins. The difference between struggling and winning organizations is Talent.


Business Transformation

At Hefid, our consultants work with the private sector big and medium businesses, government and not-for-profit sectors to transform how they do business in a smart and efficient manner that yields results and achieves value. That is the Hefid Solutions way.

Welcome to Our Company

Hefid Consult serves clients in five distinct sectors: financial services; public service; media & technology, and health.

Hefid Consult has completed 105 projects for social-sector organisations, local, regional, national, and governments and public-sector bodies over the last five years.

Our client support is grounded in the belief that organizations must link talent to value. Our work on talent:

  • begins with what drives value for the business.
  • is underpinned by data and advanced analytics.
  • develops the capabilities of the G3—the CEO, CFO, and CHRO—to build the talent systems and culture necessary for linking talent to value.


We Provide Trusted Business Services

Our consultants have over 425 years of combined expereince across over 25 industries. We are dedicated to your success. Contact us today.

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Case Studies

Winning with talent

What does it take to lead an organisation that truly unleashes its human capital? We help you navigate the complexities of today’s business environment. And we build bridges across your organization so bold ideas become real value.

In tumultuous times

A company’s talent is its most valuable and reliable asset. What does it take to lead an organization that truly unleashes its human capital? Leadership. The talent of an organization reflects on leadership.

Creating value by reinventing the core, together.

You don’t add digital. You become digital. Building new products? A new business? Full IT transformation? Capturing long-term value always means changing
your core: your People, your Processes, Your Value Preposition and your Technology.


Don’t just happen. We create them.